Monday, 9 May 2011

A wannabe ''Girl About Town''

You can imagine my disdain when I saw that one of the characters on ''Made In Chelsea'' has a blog named ''Girl About Town''

I can guess this means that people will be looking for her online and they will stumble across my blog (which is waaay better of course)

I havn't blogged in a while as per usual, I guess I just kind of forget to write. I really wish that someone found this blog and paid me to write even though all the things I mention is mostly pointless babble.

Seeing as I have just watched ''Made In Chelsea'' I'll dedicate this post to that rahhhh show.

Preppy kids living in Chelsea and Sloane Square used to be the girls in UGG boots with the blonde highlights constantly flicking their hair back whilst repeating ''YAH'' over and over again, now the stereotype has developed and maybe even changed a little, I havn't seen girls teetering around in their UGG boots for a while now yah cuz that is so not fashion anymore.Under any circumstances. I would not be seen dead wearing ''UGG's''

We associate these born and bred chelsea folk with money,designer clothes (Louis Vuitton handbags/Chanel purses/Marc Jacobs perfume/Dior make-up/and yaaahh the dreaded ugg boots) and with posh accents. The funny thing is, even the middle class laugh at these poncey types when they have pretty posh rah accents too. God I'm bored about writing about ''those people''

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